It is our passion to work closely with artists to find and/or improve their true sound by bringing it to life. We always deliver quality mixes any artist can be proud to share with their fans to truly enhance the listening experience.



One beautiful isolated room with the ability to record up to 128 tracks at 96k giving us the ability to fulfill any project needs!



Once we have the perfect mix it is time to finalize the process with master levels, imaging, dynamics, EQ, and other steps to prepare your mix to the world. We make sure your sound is top-notch before it hits any playback system.

New Nu Entertainment

Since 2012 New Nu Entertainment has prided itself on being able to provide services for every step of the musical production journey. From singles to albums our staff of engineers have extensive knowledge and experience in music production. The team at New Nu Entertainment is dedicated to providing the highest level of service. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, our passion and love for music will allow us to help you create industry quality music. If you are an artist, producer or music executive please reach out to us if you have any additional questions and book your studio time today!


Quick 24-72 hour turn-around time for all mixes including easy file delivery. Receive high quality 320 kbps Mp3’s along with high res 16 bit Wav file formats (perfect for high quality streaming). Hear the demos below!


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